Small Data - what if your data isn't 'big'

Belake Research Ltd is really excited about the development of the big data world. But what do you do if your data isn't big? Many small and medium sized enterprises don't capture data routinely, and have only the barest details on their customers. This was just the problem that fitness experts ManAlive came to us with.

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Finding Out what is Important to Customers

The marketplace is a dog-eat-dog kind of world. Companies are constantly trying to pull away or stay above the competition. The question of what drives consumers to liking, purchasing and staying loyal to a product or service is a constant in marketers’ minds.

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Essential Inflation Report

Belake Research has published their first Essential Inflation Report, exploring the differential impacts of inflation experienced by those on limited budgets, whose buying choices are limited. The report shows those people whose buying choices are limited to the most essential items in life experienced inflation 20% higher in the period 2011 to 2015. This has profound implications for policy makers, leaders, decision makers and anyone who works with poverty, low income families and debt issues.

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Innovation in the UK

Belake Research wanted to examine the state of innovation in the UK. We set about analysing the top 1000 innovating companies as collected by the UK Department for Business, Industry and Skills (BIS). One of our key questions was, where is innovation happening in the UK? Check out our awesome video to see a range of maps showing UK innovation.

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Millennials and Their Mobile Shopping Habits

Retailers can look forward to a promising holiday sales period with 43% of UK shoppers reporting an increased confidence in their personal finances according to the Accenture UK Holiday Shopping Survey. In fact, a fifth of the shoppers expect to spend more on Christmas shopping this year compared to last year and the average spend is pegged at £493. Over half plan to do the majority of their shopping online and 41% will use mobile devices to get a better price by searching for discounts and deals.

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